Monday, December 30, 2013

End-December update

Soil Investigations (SIs) seem to have intensified along the probable Eastern Region Line (ERL) alignment recently. Boreholes and rigs have been spotted at multiple locations along the corridor and may help to determine where the line runs and locations of the stations. In previous updates, we found that boreholes are noticed at Marine Parade, Marine Terrace, Siglap, Bayshore, Upper East Coast near Temasek Secondary School and at Bedok Corner. Today, we cover these areas again and provide a little more information.

Boreholes at Marine Parade were previously limited to the area around Marine Parade Central near the Standard Chartered Bank and the old cinema. However, a strong of 4 SI rigs have been seen opposite the block 71 and Marine Parade CC along Marine Parade Road.

The LTA logo is visible on the barricade.

Counting the boreholes along Marine Parade Road at Siglap, there are 10 in front of Laguna Park/Siglap linear park in addition to another 4 outside the Victoria School.

Along Bayshore Road towards Bayshore Park condo, there are 11 boreholes on this short stretch of road, some being recently completed within the month. Along Bayshore Road between Upper East Coast Rd and East Coast Parkway (ECP), there also lie several more boreholes. Some house instruments monitoring up to 25 metres below ground.

A few sites were noticed along Upper East Coast Road near Temasek Secondary School. However, the SI rigs have shifted away, probably to Marine Parade Road.

As always, if you happen to see any SI rigs or boreholes, or have photos and would like to contribute, do leave us a comment. We'd really appreciate it. Have a great new year's everyone!

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