Friday, December 13, 2013

SIs in Tanjong Rhu

As mentioned in the previous post, there has been a pick up in intensity of Soil Investigations in Tanjong Rhu lately. With a second trip down, the locations of the SI are more accurately plotted on the map below.

Map showing the spread of SI rigs in Tanjong Rhu. Blue triangles represent approximate locations of the SI rigs as at
13 December 2013.

A total of 5 rigs are in use between Gardens by the Bay East and Camelot by the Water condominium. Three are located along the curve of the line to Tanjong Rhu Road while two are located after Tanjong Rhu Place along Tanjong Rhu Road.

Camelot by the Water condo at the end of Tanjong Rhu Road

Camelot condo with SI rig in front

Casuarina Cove condo with SI rig in front

Client: LTA

Looking down Tanjong Rhu Road towards Camelot by the Water condo with SI rigs visible

LTA cones at junction of Tanjong Rhu Rd & Place

Tanjong Rhu Road, next to Pebbel Bay condo

Tanjong Rhu Road towards Gardens by the Bay East, a further two rigs
Additional info may indicate further soil investigations along the line for another year, seeming to ensure that the line will be ready about 2023 as previously mentioned.

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