Friday, November 28, 2014

Pre-construction: Amber

The third announced station is Amber station, located along Tanjong Katong Road South and Amber Road. This station is the deepest along the East Coast sector of the Thomson - East Coast Line (TEL) at 30 metres deep. It will also feature stacked platforms like the Katong Park station and it will have 3 entrances.

Indicative locations of the station's 3 entrances.

A view of one of the entrances, likely entrance 3 along Tanjong Katong Road South.

23 November: Tanjong Katong Road South looking southwards.

23 November: The building in front is one of those that will be demolished for the station construction.

23 November: One of the shops that will disappear with the building.

23 November: One of the houses along Amber Road that will be acquired.

23 November: Junction of Amber Road and Meyer Road.

23 November

23 November: The row of houses that will be demolished.

23 November: Meyer Road playground that may be used for an escape shaft.
* My apologies for the empty post as I was away attending a funeral this week.

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