Saturday, November 22, 2014

Station exit layout

With the LTA road show making its way around the various malls, we've done our research and come up with a few diagrams to show you the locations of the station exits. The exits have been numbered, against LTA's tradition of assigning letters, to help give an idea of the exact number of entry points per station. We hope this will help give you a better idea of where the entry points for the station will be situated. With many thanks to Seloloving at SSC for his help.

Tanjong Rhu station will have 2 exits.

Katong Park, a stacked station, will have 2 entry points. One exit is located at the child learning & development centre.

Amber, another station with stacked platforms, will have 3 entry points. Properties are being acquired to accommodate this station.

Marine Parade station, together with a pedestrian subway above the cripple siding, will feature 6 entry points.
Provisions for linkage to Parkway Parade are in the pipeline and depending on the developer's willingness, will be built eventually.

Marine Terrace station will also feature 6 entry points to expand the station's reach to schools and residents.

Siglap station will see 4 entry points being built, including two exits linked by a 100m long subway.

Bayshore station will see 5 entry points to cater to future developments in the area. A new road will be built over the station.

Bedok South is being built with proposed developments in mind and features 5 entry points.

Sungei Bedok terminus will feature 3 entry points.

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